To Do List


Things We are Working on Right Now:


Kitchen remodel. Check out our progress here.


Things We Need to Do:


  • Reinforce joist hangers with more nails under deck.
  • Unclog clogged plumbing vent
  • Clean air intake vent
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Clean gutters
  • New chimney cap
  • Clear storm window weep holes
  • Repair broken sash cords
  • Restore windows (strip paint, sand, reglaze, paint)
  • Replace flat roof
  • Fix damaged siding for now and eventually replace
  • Strip the spray paint from chimney (dumbass painters)
  • Repaint stucco siding (again, dumbass painters)
  • New driveway
  • Run a drainage pipe under new driveway
  • New 2.5 car garage
  • Catio (a cat patio)
  • Build a Free Little Library

Back porch/deck

  • New footings
  • New decking (cedar or pressure treated?)
  • Install new square tapered columns

Front porch

  • Paint
  • Build a hanging bed/bench/hammock
  • New light fixtures
  • New house numbers


  • Gut job–major overhall

Living Room

  • Paint
  • Weatherize fireplace  done!

Dining Room

  • Strip wallpaper and install new craftsman style wallpaper
  • Install new push button light switch

Main Floor Bath

  • Strip wallpaper, prime, and paint walls  done!
  • Install new toilet seat  done!
  • Fix toilet air gap
  • New pedestal sink  done!
  • New plumbing (get rid of drum trap)
  • New medicine cabinet  done!
  • New lighting fixtures  done!
  • Remove glass panel doors and replace with a shower curtain  done!
  • Patch tile floor and tile baseboard
  • Install shower exhaust fan, venting to the exterior

1st Bedroom Main Floor (Office)

  • Paint
  • Remove or paint over ceiling tiles

2nd Bedroom Main Floor (Guest Bedroom)

  • Paint


  • Paint

Dining Room Stairwell:

  • Paint
  • Open up staircase to second level

Front Stairwell

  • Get rid of it and make it into closet space

Upstairs Living Room

  • Reconfigure doorways to make it into a bedroom
  • Construct a walk-in closet
  • Paint
  • Remove old phone jacks  done!

Upstairs Dining Room

  • Reconfigure doorways to make it into a bedroom, which i will use as a library/office
  • Paint
  • Remove old phone jacks

Upstairs Bedroom

  • Reconfigure closet
  • Reconfigure walls to accommodate new stairway
  • Paint

Upper Level Bathroom

  • Gut job–too much to list

Upper Level Kitchen

  • Remove everything and use the space to enlarge the bathroom and create a laundry room

Sleeping Porch

  • Paint
  • Restore windows
  • Remove door
  • Remove exterior staircase


  • Relocate the laundry upstairs
  • Create a separate family room, storage room, and mechanicals room
  • Overhaul ¾ bath
    • New shower enclosure
    • New vanity and facet
    • New lighting
    • New flooring
    • install exhaust fan
  • Insulate walls
  • Drywall
  • Remove dropped ceiling panels
  • Sell the 2 smaller boilers and get one large one?
  • Sell the 2 smaller water heaters and get one large one?
  • Clean out dryer vent and seal with metal tape
  • Add knockout plug at open electrical
  • Attach laundry sink to the floor (for now)
  • Fix outlet that has reverse wiring
  • Fix water heater valve
  • Remove duct tape from the boiler vents and replace with foil tape

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