Completely Jacked


November 11, 2013 by stpaulhaus

I have an absolute hatred for wires and cords running all over the f-ing place (why can’t everything be wireless?). Perhaps I need to get into a Delorian and go back to the 1900s when they used oil lamps and candles instead of electricity. I do have my collection of oil lamps unpacked.

Per my request, at our old house Adrian had installed some paintable cord covering cables to run the wires to the TV and sound system.  We also ran the wires through the walls into the closet in the dining room to hold the stereo and computer that we hook up to the TV for Netflix streaming and watching movies that we have stored on a hard drive.


So naturally, I have been making squint eyes at these super old phone jacks that were added to the house ALL OVER THE PLACE the second we moved into the house.


I know–of all things we need to get done at our house I picked this fun little project.

Instead of running the wires through the walls properly, whomever decided every room in the house needed 1 million phone jacks also decided to run the wires alongside the baseboards.  A cost saving measure no doubt. This is very common in older homes that needed the extra jacks for convenience throughout the house.  It is possible that this house didn’t have a phone at all when it was built, or would have only had one phone.


The lines were stapled to the baseboards to hold them in place, and many has been painted down to the baseboards or walls. Joyous.

It didn’t take much more than a firm tug to rip most of these out (staples and all), but some required a little more elbow grease with a needle nose pliers.


Adrian got the worse of it which ran all wanky behind some of the kitchen cabinets and behind the refrigerator.



We are planning on leaving a couple jacks on the main floor just in case.  We don’t have a land line (do those still exist?), but you never know it could be helpful to have in the future.

Now i just need to reconfigure the walls the lines came off of.  Baby steps.

While we were at it, Adrian installed a couple of Nests (super cool thermostats that program themselves).





We really like them so far. We turn the temp down to 62 when we are sleeping or at work, and we generally keep it at 68 when we are awake and actually at our home which really isn’t much of the day.  I’m interested to see what our heating bills will be this winter.  Our new house is almost 1900sq ft compared to or old house at 1200, so I am sure it will be quite a bit more. Maybe I will turn it down to 60 at night?

Anyone else out there hate cords or is it just me?  What do you keep your thermostat set at in the winter?

8 thoughts on “Completely Jacked

  1. Janis says:

    63-65. We have electric blankets and 3 cats to keep us warm

  2. Ugh, I agree. Why can’t everything be wireless?
    Those Nests look pretty cool. I heard about them only after we installed not-as-smart programable thermostats. Oh well.

    • stpaulhaus says:

      Well the Nests were $200 each which I think is pretty steep considering you can get a simple programmable thermostat for $30. Of course it is super easy to use and you can really get pretty particular about changes in the temps throughout the day if needed. I’m super curious to see what our heating bills come out to this winter.

  3. chris miller says:

    I hate cords, especially behind the receiver and computer.
    I like having a land line in case of emergencies and for faxes (I know you can do it electronically). They are way more reliable (don’t need power, are fast and easy, and aren’t fickle like cell phones or cell coverage) and it’s on the business account now so it probably costs us a little less than it normally would.
    At night we keep it at 60. 64 when we’re home.
    If it were up to me it would be 55 at night and 60 when we’re awake.

    • stpaulhaus says:

      Adrian has a couple of different cord wrangling contraptions for behind the computers which helps but it still is a big cluster-fuck of cords in the office. We haven’t had a land line in the past 4.5 yrs and so far it hasn’t been an issue. If I ever misplace my phone (which if you know me well you know that it is a daily occurrence) I have been known to use Google Talk every now and again. I could go days without a phone and I would be just fine, but other people don’t like it 😉

      I am really considering 60 at night after hearing what other people are keeping theirs at. I don’t think I could do 64 though. I something turn it down lower if I am running around and doing a lot of work on the house, but if I am sitting down watching tv I cant stand being that cold.

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