Haus Hunters: Haus #7 Cute but Small


August 21, 2013 by stpaulhaus

Another property…

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Haus #7 Cute but Small

  • 1300 sq feet
  • Listed right at our budget
  • 2 story with an enclosed front porch
  • Year Built: 1911, 102 years old.
  • 2 bedrooms + an office
  • 1.5 bathrooms (full upstairs, half on the main floor)
  • Large yard
  • 1 car garage
  • Very cute with the original woodwork, hardwood floors throughout, and lead glass windows
  • New, good quality wood windows
  • Updated kitchen with good quality base cabinets, but an awkward layout
  • Close to Adrian’s work
  • Basement has water infaltration problems and mold
  • Partially finished balcony upstairs, but it is off the bathroom (weird)

Here is how Haus #7 adds up:

On budget?: Check! Right on budget

2 story single family home: Check!

3 or more bedrooms: Fail. Only 2 bedrooms, but there is a separate office space.   

Main level bedroom: No bedroom on the main floor.  

2 bathrooms: Check!

Large yard: Check!  Large yard.  

2 car garage: Only a 1 car and non-functional.

Charm and character with natural wood work, molding, hardwood floors, fireplace, etc: Check! All the original woodwork is still there including the dining room built-in buffet. The hardwood floors are in pretty good shape, and there are some leaded glass windows.

Target neighborhood: Check! Close to Adrian’s work but it is not in the greatest portion of the neighborhood. It busy with lot of traffic both car and foot.  

It a very cute and cozy house that appears to be fairly well maintained. Sadly, the garage is unusable and in terrible condition. It really needs to be torn down. The yard is rather large and there would be plenty of room for a new 2 car garage in its place. The new wood windows are really nice and tastefully done.  You can barely tell they are new unless you look closely. The balcony is cool, but and it is also off the bathroom so I don’t really understand it…wish it was off a bedroom. The bedrooms are small and there are only 2.  The office is also very small.  I could only stand to be in the basement for about 2 min because of the moldy smell (I am very sensitive to smells). The kitchen was updated with some nice quality base cabinets, but the cooking triangle is nonexistent.  Whoever lived here did put some love into it–except for the windows being painted shut in the front porch (OMG WTFFFFF???).

What is your opinion? Are you looking at the new STP Haus?


13 thoughts on “Haus Hunters: Haus #7 Cute but Small

  1. Reuben says:

    It’s not grabbing me. Moisture and mold in the basement is a bear of a problem that DIY’ers can’t fix easily. I’d keep looking.

    I keep going back to house #1. Speaking of house #1, have you contacted MnDOT at all to see what the future plans are for the freeway? Specifically, is the freeway likely to be reconstructed any time soon, which would likely trigger construction of a noise barrier? If there was a noise barrier, how would that impact your decision?

  2. Erin says:

    Ha, I was JUST looking at this one last night, to check out our “competition!” Granted, I AM pretty picky about living on or near busy streets, but this is one that would just straight up be out of consideration for me. My friends lived on this street (but on the other side of the street, even worse!!) and had a lot of issues with break-ins and random people in their yard. Also tried to sell their house 3 times now and no go so they are going to be landlords for awhile since they bought the house they live in currently 5 years ago! It seems that people on this street have a really hard time selling their houses, not sure if resale is a concern of yours.

    I think I like the duplex the best (the one that IS a duplex, not the former duplex)

  3. I was all over this house until I read the part about the moldy basement and the awkward second floor porch situation. Deal breakers! Fortunately, it looks like you have a lot of other good contenders to choose from.

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  6. […] Haus #7 Cute but Small  Most of this house was in good shape although there would still be plenty to do here.  The garage was a tear-down, but luckily the yard was very big and would easily accommodate a new larger garage and still have plenty of yard space left.  Much of the original molding, leaded glass windows, and hardwood floors were intact with the addition of some tastefully done replacement windows which was a major plus.  The bedrooms are small and there are only 2, but there was also a small office upstairs.  The basement was damp and moldy, other than that, the house appeared to me pretty well maintained. The location was not ideal–it was in one of our target neighborhoods, but a busier area of the neighborhood.  Right on budget. […]

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