Haus Hunters: Haus #6 Blue House with a Bad Garage


August 17, 2013 by stpaulhaus

Here is yet another property that we are considering to be the next St. Paul Haus.  To see the other houses that we have already presented or an overview of what this Haus Hunters stuff entails feel free to check out the links below:

St. Paul Haus Hunters, Haus #1  Four Square on the Freeway, Haus #2  Renovated with a Workshop, Haus #3 The Tile Tavern , Haus #4 The DuplexHaus #5 The Former Duplex

Haus #6 Blue House with a Bad Garage

  • 1770 sq feet
  • Listed 15k over our budget
  • 2 story with an enclosed front porch
  • Year Built: 1907, 106 years old.
  • 3 bedrooms + a den/nursery upstairs
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Has a separate living room and family room
  • Decent sized yard
  • 2 car garage
  • Roof is in great shape, but the paint is not in the greatest shape and the house needs painting.
  • Awesome neighborhood with good resale value

Here is how Haus #6 looks on paper:

On budget?: Over budget by 15k (but this neighborhood comes at a premium)

2 story single family home: Check!

3 or more bedrooms: Check! 3 bedrooms with the master having an attached nursery/den  

Main level bedroom: No bedroom on the main floor.  

2 bathrooms: Check!

Large yard: Check!  Decent sized yard.  

2 car garage: Check! However, it is nearly unusable for cars. The door is on the side of the garage, not the back facing the alley.  The neighboring garage is too close to actually be able to drive right in. I do not understand this at all.  If you notice in the photo of the garage above there is a car parking in the space between in the 2 garages—the photographer conveniently left the neighboring garage out of the photo.

Charm and character with natural wood work, molding, hardwood floors, fireplace, etc: Check! Some of the original woodwork is still there, but some of it is long gone. The hardwood floors are in good shape.

Target neighborhood: Check! Close to Adrian’s work in a very desirable neighborhood of STP. The street is rather busy though.

The kitchen has been remodeled, but sadly it is not my taste.  I hate the cabinets and the backsplash.  I don’t like the fact that I would have to rip out a perfectly good kitchen. I would sell it or donate it so it wouldn’t go to waste–but still, especially when the house is 15k over our budget.  And then there is the garage.  What the hell?  I don’t even know how to remedy that situation, but an awkward garage is better than no garage. Also I don’t understand that strange window thing they cut in the wall of the kitchen. It looks like a poor attempt at an open floor plan. Its very odd, the trim doesn’t match, and I just don’t like it. However, it is in an awesome neighborhood that has very good property and resale values.  With a little fixing it would be a very nice house.

Is the Blue House with a Bad Garage the one? Give me your thoughts.


13 thoughts on “Haus Hunters: Haus #6 Blue House with a Bad Garage

  1. Erin says:

    I saw that house online! Love that area, and you could walk to Izzy’s which is actually a huge selling point to houses for me 🙂 The busy street would be a deal breaker for me personally. And I’m not sure I could deal with the garage, it would just piss me off too much over time.

    I do really like this one though, quite a bit – nice yard, front porch, good woodwork. The lookthrough from the dining room to the kitchen is pretty laughable though – I guess that’s one way of working around a load bearing wall!!

    Have you looked at 1847 Englewood? That is a few blocks from me and I love the area. I have a soft spot in my heart for that house because that’s what our house looked like when we bought it – covered in carpet and totally not updated, a granny house. But it probably is a solid little house, and while small if it’s anything like ours, the basement would be finishable pretty easily. And depending on what the situation is with the upstairs, may even be able to be turned into 2 bedrooms. Has sat on the market for awhile so I’m guessing they’d take less but who knows.

    • stpaulhaus says:

      Yes! We did look at the Englewood house! The first day it came on the market in fact. It is totally gmas house for sure. We just couldn’t get over how small it was-200 sq ft smaller than our old house and the ceiling height upstairs was lower. The basement could be finished off though I think. That culdasac is darling. I wouldn’t mind living in the victorian looking one across the street with the insanly huge yard and 2 garages.

      • Erin says:

        Yeah, the lot and houses here are so inconsistent – I’m on Hubbard and up a block from me there are about 5-6 HUGE houses on 1.5 lots. The lots on Hubbard and Englewood between Aldine and Fairview are definitely way bigger than the rest of the surrounding blocks because they don’t have alleys.

        If I get enough done this morning, I am going to 5 open houses this afternoon… I should do a house hunters post of my own! And should probably… start doing things now I guess.

      • stpaulhaus says:

        Good luck! Fingers-crossed you find something!

      • Erin says:

        Wasn’t sure if you’d see a reply to your comment on my blog (I never know if people check back!) so decided to write here – we are looking in Mac Groveland, Merriam Park, Highland and St. Anthony Park. Slim pickings for sure! Those are basically for school reasons (and because the commute to our jobs is best from those areas, and we also like the neighborhoods too) and for the right house we’d also consider some parts of Como. Based on what’s available in our price range, I’d guess we end up in Highland Park. Mac Grove/SAP are both going to be a VERY big long shot to find what we need in our price range plus the taxes in those areas are straight up absurd.

      • stpaulhaus says:

        I feel you. I absolutely love SAP but there are NEVER houses for sale in that neighborhood and if there is they are all way above our price range. It is so interesting to me how different taxes are based on the neighborhood. One nice thing about those neighborhoods is that the road construction and plowing is always done in a timely manner. Took the city probably 5 months to fix all the potholes on our old street (it was insane…like a pot hole every 5 ft) and that was after we put in complaints several times. I love Merriam Park too, but I am coming to enjoy living so close to downtown. I love that I can walk to anywhere I want to go and dont have to worry about finding a parking spot. I wish I could live right in Irvine Park…or maybe Selby/Dale-ish area…so many cute shops down there. I’m not really that picky i guess 🙂

  2. Reuben says:

    Now this looks like a pretty good house. I agree it would be a shame to want to rip out a perfectly good kitchen….

  3. Totally agree with Reuben – ripping out that kitchen would suck, but I also think it’s not too pretty. I always hate that 😦 I think my favorite is still that duplex

    • stpaulhaus says:

      I know. My family thinks I am nuts, but I know what I want and that is not it. Plus being 15k over our budget, I don’t think we could update that kitchen anytime some.

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  6. […] Haus #6 The Blue House with the Bad Garage was a very solid house in a great neighborhood. It was fairly close to Adrian’s work, but it was on a pretty busy street. It does have a 2 car garage; however it was not very functional and does not allow 2 cars to actually drive into it. The front porch was nice, as well as the backyard, and it had separate living and family rooms. Some of the updating has also taken away from the original charm of the house. I also really like the little den/nursery off the master bedrooms–reminds of our old haus. Although it looks okay in the photos, the house does need to be repainted in the near future. 15k over the budget. […]

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