Haus Hunters: Haus #1 Four Square on the Freeway


August 6, 2013 by stpaulhaus

stpaul haus hunters

This is house #1 of the Haus Hunters game we are playing. It supposed to be out of 3 houses, but it is probably going to be more.  I have already seen a ton of houses–I’ll stick to the ones that we are actually very seriously considering.  This whole buying and selling houses thing takes a lot of time and energy and I need to make it a little more fun right?

For the low down what the heck this Haus Hunters game is please read our previous post here.

Haus #1 : Four Square on the Freeway

StAnthony  1

  • 2400 sq feet (the largest home of the three)
  • Listed for 10k under our budget
  • American Four Square with 2 stories with a huge unfinished attic
  • Year Built: 1904, 109 years old.
  • 4 large bedrooms
  • 1 large bathroom
  • Hardwood floors (under the carpet and we don’t know why type of condition they are in), some original molding and trim, high ceilings
  • New oversized 2 car garage
  • Nonfunctioning or missing built-in microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer (needs to be put in immediately)
  • On a busy frontage road over looking the Interstate
  • Not in one of our target neighborhoods
  • Newer furnace
  • New central air system on the second level
  • Needs a new roof
  • Small yard

StAnthony 3 StAnthony 4 StAnthony 5 StAnthony 6 StAnthony 7 StAnthony 8

So looking back to our list of wants and must haves here is how Haus #1 stacks up

On budget?: Check! 10k below our budget

2 story single family home: Double check!  2 stories to plenty of room to expand the attic. I’m envisioning a huge master suite or maybe a sweet ass man cave?

3 or more bedrooms: Check! 4 bedrooms plus room to expand

Main level bedroom:  No main floor bedroom

2 bathrooms:  Only 1 bathroom but it is large

Large yard:  Not even close, smallest yard we saw

2 car garage: Check! Oversized and new.

Charm and character with natural wood work, molding, hardwood floors, fireplace, etc: Check! Some original woodwork remains, while some has been replaced, hardwood floors but we weren’t able to see what condition they were in.

Of course it has to be in St. Paul and preferably close to restaurants, shopping and Adrian’s work:  While it is in St. Paul, it is not in one of our target neighborhoods and it is right off the very busy Interstate.

So it has a lot of the key things we are looking for and for a great price! I mean 2400sq ft??? C’mon that is huge for our price range!  Original woodwork and room for expansion…I think I am in love…but…its not in one of our ideal neighbors (although it is really close) and it is right off the interstate with a lot of traffic. It also needs a new roof and with a house this big it has a big roof.  A lot to think about.

What do you think? Should Haus #1 Four Square on the Freeway be the next STP Haus?


14 thoughts on “Haus Hunters: Haus #1 Four Square on the Freeway

  1. It looks awesome, but you can never replace location – you might get tired overlooking the interstate 😦 I do love all the molding though….

    • stpaulhaus says:

      I know :/ luckily the sound doesn’t bother either of us too much…the constant hum is sort of relaxing. I would tear out that carpet approximately 3min after closing.

  2. Reuben says:

    What are your target neighborhoods?

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  10. […] Haus #1  Four Square on the Freeway was the biggest house we saw plus room to expand in the attic, and it had an oversized 2 car garage. Some of the original character and charm is still there with the hardwood floors and window/door casings, although some has been replaced. Central AC is installed upstairs. Almost all of the appliances, including the washer and dryer, needed to be replaced immediately.  It was outside our target neighborhood, the roof was in terrible shape, and it overlooked the interstate. 10k under the budget. […]

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