Guess What…


April 9, 2013 by stpaulhaus

No. I am not with child.

Take a look at this:


Maybe this will make up for my recent absence.  It has, in fact, been many moons since my last post.  For good reason I assure you.

Let us take a look back to the pre-ownership days with a picture that was posted on the MLS of the bathroom…

Bathroom Before

Removing that shower curtain may have been the first thing I did as soon as I was given the keys, however that is where any changes stopped for 3.5 years–until now!!! YUUUUUSSSSS. Being the horrible blog person that I am, I forgot to take any more recent “before” photos but like I said it looked much the same as the photo above minus the shower curtain so you get the idea.

If you are a fan of my St. Paul Haus Facebook Page then you may have already seen a glimpse here and there over the past several days of some of the work that has been going on around here. If you are not a fan on Facebook already consider checking it out.

Here is what we have done so far to the only full bath in the house:

-Paint a serene shade that looks blue sometimes and green another, and occasionally “strange 1950s rambler blue” (yes that is a color) called Waterscape by Pittsburgh Paints. I have been eyeing this color for 2 years now so I knew I just had to have it. Although it think it would look nicer in a room with some natural light, it does okay in here.

-Moved around some towel rods, hooks, etc to more convenient locations.  I have always wanted a towel warmer rack, but it just was not practical in this small bathroom. I did move the main towel hook that we use just over the vent where is will receive a nice shot of hot vent air every time the heat kicks on which will be nice for the winter.  This will also help the towels to dry out more quickly.


-Installed a new light fixture to replace the “Hollywood” light bar.  Those things make me cringe. Screams ’80 builder-grade remodel. The light fixture was $50 at Menards made by Patriot Lighting.


-Speaking of ’80 builder-grade remodel, check out this very, very lovely and elegant vanity of the before. (gag)


I added some simple lattice trim to the side. Looks a little a little better right?


And then I applied a coat of fast drying primer.


-We also put in some new baseboard.  They are the smaller 4″ version of the large 6″ Victorian MDF baseboard we used in the kitchen.


They are a HUGE improvement in the really crappy glued on vinyl stuff that was in here previously. I don’t really have a before photo but it looked like this:

Yes there is a benefit to using vinyl (waterproof), but it looks so so bad. There was nicer vinyl options out there, but they are expensive.  I did not want to pay for it.  I will be sealing all the edges, cracks, and seams with bathroom caulk for extra protection. We do not have a water pooling issue in this bathroom, so I don’t think there will be any problems with moisture in the baseboards/warping/mold/etc.

-With the help of my father (seen here), I was able to glue the existing mirror to the wall.  The options were limited so we got creative and using the shower curtain rod to hold it in place over night. Worked it a charm.


We plan to frame the mirror with some trim later this week.

-We cut a hole in the wall.



Again with the help of my father and his sawzall. I do not own one. I originally cut a small hole to see what was behind that wall after which I was going to patch up.  After seeing what Chris and Meryl did in their awesome bathroom over at Picardy Project, I decided I need a recessed shelving, STAT.  Thanks for the inspiration guys.  Mine will obviously be much smaller, but I’m working with what I got.   We did need to cut a piece of the stud to make room, but the stud there is not structural so there was really no issue in doing so.

-recaulked the bathtub/shower surround.  Let me preface by saying I, in no way, shape or form, enjoy a tub/shower surround. However, tile is not in the books for right now so I am dealing with it.


More to come on the procedures to do this later in the week.

-put up a new shower curtain and cleaned/vacuumed out the bathroom fan.


That is pretty much where we left off.  We still need to:

-make and install recessed shelving

-frame mirror

-paint vanity

-install vanity hardware


I do have plans for a major overhaul down the road, but I just couldn’t stand to look at the bathroom the way it was any longer.  Yes, I know this came on suddenly, but hear me out on this…we are officially going to refinance the house. HOORAAAYYY! The interest rate are just redonkulously low–cannot pass it up.  We are trying to do as many minor upgrades to the house as we can before the appraisal takes place.  In fact, I have taken 2 days off of the day job to whip the house into tip-top shape.



4 thoughts on “Guess What…

  1. I thought when I saw that pic on facebook you were putting in a cubbie! 🙂 Seriously, I LOVE ours, it’s awesome and so practical and a great use of space. I hope you like yours 🙂 🙂 🙂

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