Guest Bedroom Reveal


December 21, 2012 by stpaulhaus

I have been leading you all on for months with empty promises of a guest bedroom reveal, until now. It is finally complete!  Oh happy day.  Now I can move on to a new and exciting project.  Without further ado…

The guest bedroom before:

And after:

image image

Welcome to the St. Paul Haus B&B…currently taking reservations!

Here is what I did:

  • Refinished the original pine wood floors
  • Installed shoe molding all around the room
  • Exposed and sealed the old chimney
  • Fabricated a wood chimney cover
  • Painted the walls a light yellow
  • Moved an outlet for the wall mounted TV
  • Put up over the window shelving and new window treatments
  • Refinished an old sidetable for a nightstand
  • Updated an old lamp

Refinishing the floors was quite the project, but I am so happy that I did it myself for 1/3 the cost. More on refinishing the floors here.


Shoe molding hides the edges of the floor where the sanders could not reach. Plus it just adds a little more class and character to the room.  I have added shoe molding to all the rooms in the house that have had the floors refinished.

Dealing with the old chimney was just awful. Pounding off all that old and crumbly skim coat took hours and left me with several blisters.  I cleaned it up nicely and coated the whole deal with polyacrylic–which is supposed to hold up really well and resist chipping, cracking, and peeling.  It was recommended by several people in various diy forums and websites.  Only time will tell if it actually holds up–so far so good.  I really wanted to get it sealed good so it wouldn’t become a crumbly mess later on and get ground into my freshly refinished floors. More on that process here.


The top is plywood that has been trimmed out with stock moldings. It is essentially encasing the top of the chimney.  LOVE.  If you recall the before photo, the top of the chimney was severely damaged and would not have been very pleasing to the eye if I would have left the entire thing uncovered. I didn’t have the heart to rip the whole thing out either, so this is a nice compromise. More info on the chimney cover can be found here, here, and here.


I rolled the walls with 2 coats of  ‘Sawdust’ 16A-3 by Pittsburgh Paints (Menards).  Its a bright and light color which is very cheerful. Technically this room would be considered a nursery, den, or bonus room, because you can only enter it by walking through another bedroom. Of course we don’t have any human children, but when we decided to put the house on the market I am planning on possibly replacing the twin bed with a crib. The yellow plays nicely into the nursery feel.

The simple shelves i put up over the windows add some much needed storage space and they look nice too. The binds are faux wood in white. More info on those here.  They truly are black out which is nice.  There will be some excellent naps taking place in this room! I did have some walnut colored faux wood blinds in here, but I decided I wanted a lighter feel in the room so I moved those to the master bedroom.


We mounted a small tv on the wall for guests. Isn’t it cute?  Adrian and I worked together on moving the outlet from below to right behind the tv. I hate cords..a lot..and I do what I can to hide them whenever possible. More on that here.


The oversized floral print chair is from Ikea. We got it about 4 yrs ago when we moved into our 1st apartment. They still have this style chair, but I think the cover has been discontinued.  The cover is machine washable which is very nice. Love this big chair. Still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house.  If I ever get sick of the pattern I could easily get a new cover for it as they have many to pick from.


Remember this dresser that I acquired a couple months back? Well I still think it would be much more handsome with a new paint job, but that will have to wait.  It looks OK in here as is, but I am truly not a fan that rose motif it has going on.


That cat picture on the wall was a gift from my mother. Ha.


Yes. That is my wedding dress. Should I have in packed away in an air tight bag, perhaps.  I don’t care though. I like enjoying it out in the open.


The bed frame was a craigslist find for $20.  Its not perfect but it serves its purpose. We got it for when I lived up in Duluth and needed something quick. The bedding is an assortment of linens that I have acquired over the past few years. The quilt is from Target ($30), the down-alternative comforters are from Herbergers ($20 on black friday for the past few years–we just got another one this year), the body pillow and cover are from Target ($9 and $7). I would like to make a headboard for the bed.



Rug ($29) that was previously in the living room before we acquired a new one for the living from from my mom.  We got it on sale at Menards 2 years ago, but I think they still have it.


Remember this guy from the bedroom update?  Well we moved him in here and it works so much better.


Perhaps you recall this Moroccian style refinished night stand? Or the old milk glass lamp that I spray painted.  I just put a simple white silk shade on it from Target.


Perfect place for my collection of antique oil lamps? I think so.


The room is still lacking some “finishing touches” but what a transformation! I cringe even thinking about the stained carpet and plastic mini-blinds that were originally in there.  I think the floors did wonders for this room.  Refinishing hardwood is supposed to be one of the biggest returns on investment when selling a house.  I don’t know if it will be a return on the investment, but I am hoping that it will help us sell the home a little faster.

I am loving this room as a guest room/den/sitting room/whateveryouwanttocallit for the time being. I think I should lay down right now and take a nap, or perhaps start in on a book on that over-sized chair.


What do you think of our new room? Like the color? Am I nuts for covering up part of the old chimney? Let me hear your thoughts.  Walking into this room just makes me happy. Anyone have plans for a guest room/sitting room/den/nursery/strange-room-that-you-don’t-actually-know-what-to-call-it makeover?


9 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Reveal

  1. DeAnn says:

    Sarah – it’s lovely – warm & welcoming! Very nice! Merry Christmas!

  2. I really like this. Shabby Chic is certainly a type of Feng Shui, giving a relaxed,
    soft and feminine feel. A very romantic way of decorating making
    people want to come in and relax, because of this it can also be known as the cottage

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