Side Table Redo


November 25, 2012 by stpaulhaus

If any of you are fans of the STP Haus Facebook page you may have seen a few recent photos of my new project. I have about 43 projects going on at once around here, and I decided I needed one more I guess. However, in my defense, this is part of a larger project (the guest bedroom) that is número uno right now. I have been threatened that I need to finish that room before I start another project or else.

I have been looking around for a night stand for a good price but have not been able to find anything decent.  I did find this little guy at parents house that has been sitting unused in a storage room for the past several years.

With its scratched, water stained, and glitter nail polish covered top, it needed some love.

(Please note that I do not suggest performing such projects in the middle of your living room without adequately protection for your floor, surrounding furniture, your lungs, etc.  Did I do any of those things? I did not. Wait, wait…I did throw down a small portion of a newspaper so I guess that counts).

After working my magic:

So much better. This is how I took it from point A to point B:

I started by stripping the top with the same product that I used on the old dresser here.

I didn’t bother stripping the bottom, instead I gave the entire piece a good staining as I had planned to paint the bottom anyway.

Once sanded, I used the same chestnut colored stain that I used on the old dresser to give the top a new, darker look.  I used 2 coats.

After letting that dry for a day, I taped off the top and primed the bottom with 1 coat of Zinsser’s Fast Prime (I don’t like waiting).

After letting it dry for about 30min I brushed on a coat of creamy white high gloss cabinet paint. Getting all those little nooks and craneys smooth was a challenge, but I got it done.

After letting it dry for a day, I did some touch up paint as needed before turning my attention back to the top.

I decided to use the polycyclic that I used on the chimney seen here, to seal the top.  It has a low luster sheen that is very attractive, plus it is waterborne so it doesn’t have the strong fumey smell of oil based products.  I tend to lean toward oil based products normally, but because it is nearly December and I live in Minnesota, I don’t have the luxury of doing these projects outside.

Moraccian style furniture seems to be in right now, and this hex top with cut-out sides gives me that vibe.  I’m not really into trendy home decor. I prefer classic and traditional stuff mostly because it doesn’t seem to go in and out of style. I don’t like having to spend money on stuff more than once, but seeing as this was free I won’t feel so bad replacing it later on if I find something that I really like.

I debated on painting it turquoise or green apple, but in the end I decided to be boring and paint it plain old white, of course.  I am not sure I am into this fad of painting everything bright colors.

What do you think?  Should I have gone for a more bold color choice or do you like the classic white? Should I have left the paint off and restained the entire side table?

On a separate note (kind of), here is another little project I got done this past week for the guest bedroom:

This was an old lamp that I found at my folks house that was collecting dust in the basement.  It’s not super old, but it does have an old plug on it and portions of it are milk glass. I did not feel bad spray painting the fake bronze parts (sorry no photo, I suck I know) a nice shade of antique bronze–the same paint I used here.  It needs a new shade and a bulb for a complete transformation. Look for it in the soon to come guest bedroom reveal.

What are your thoughts on painting furniture (or lamps)? Anyone else out there workin on small fun projects? Sometime you need a small little project that is quick and easy to give you some instant gratification when working on larger projects.


3 thoughts on “Side Table Redo

  1. DeAnn says:

    Sarah, we spray painted an ugly colonial light fixture, left in our house (in the 70s, probably from the 60s – or free at a garage sale). I don’t have a before/after picture but it turned our very nice – black matt. After buying new globes it looked like a million dollars…line 425 of them up and you’ve got what the Power Ball is at this Wednesday.

  2. […] you recall this Moroccian style refinished night stand? Or the old milk glass lamp that I spray painted.  I just put a simple white silk shade on it from […]

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