The Great Cover Up (Part 2)


October 29, 2012 by stpaulhaus

The chimney project is coming along nicely.  Last time we left off here, with the chimney looking like this:

With all sides paneled, I moved on to the shelf that sits underneath.  After a lot of measuring and cutting, I used a staple gun to temporarily hold these together so I could run and couple nails in each side to hold it together. 

It is easier, and matches up nicer if you nail the edges together in addition to nailing to whatever you are applying the wood to.  This is also true for crown molding which was the next step.  I hate cutting crown molding for two reasons.  1) no matter how many time I look at it, I still get confused how to cut it properly, and 2) wall and ceilings are never square, especially in an old house which makes this job all the more fun.  With some help and approximately one hour, the chimney looked like this:

Those joints are not perfect by any means, but that can easily fixed with my good friend caulk, which we will talk about later.  With the crown in place I went to town on the edging trim.

I used lattice trim for this, making sure to overlap the side edges with the front piece.   I applied wood glue to the back before applying.  I suggest using an old paint brush, or a cheap foam brush to apply the glue, otherwise it will get everywhere and make a big mess on the freshly laid panels.

I also need to put crown molding around the bottom, under that shelf.  Shoot me now.   Once all the trim is up, everything will get a good sanding before I go to town with the caulk gun on this baby.  Then on to the exciting part—the paint. 

I ran out of lattice so I couldn’t finish the last piece of trim below the crown at the top. Drat. I will have to pick up another piece later today, and get that last piece up tonight.

Oh, and I just realized that I never took a proper photo of the sealed brick after it was completely dry. It turned out great and I would recommend the polycrylic sealer to anyone for this type of application. Not a smidge of brick dust or crumbly mortar to be found.  I am anxious to see how it holds up with time.

Also, because I didn’t have the good camera the other day (I use my iPad for photos sometimes but they just don’t turn out as good as the real deal) here is a before and after of the shelves that I put up over the window.  I keep staring at them because they are so pretty.

Stay tuned for Part 3 (AKA it is finally f-ing done) in the next day or two.   What do you think so far?


4 thoughts on “The Great Cover Up (Part 2)

  1. Lory Perryman says:

    Getting gorgeous!

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