October 8, 2012 by stpaulhaus

Finally got a chance to tend to the old brick chimney in the guest bedroom last night. Now that the exterior portion has been removed along with any risk of further rain leakage, I am jumping back into completing the guest bedroom remodel. Things on my list:

  1. Seal chimney
  2. Build plywood sleeve to fit over top half of chimney
  3. Add crown molding
  4. Install shelving
  5. Make pretty

Número uno went down last night. I started with this…

…and with the help of this… looked like this wet…

…then after 30min of drying, like this…

It dries completely clear and left a very low sheen that you can only really see when close up. I think I will put on 1 more coat tonight just to make sure everything gets sealed really well. The nice thing about this stuff is that it does not crack, chip, or peel and it is water-based so it doesn’t have much of a smell.  I used a regular cheap synthetic brush to apply it–I wouldn’t use anything nice for this as you have to really jam and pat the sealer into all the nooks and crannies. A really long napped roller might work for this too. I will be sure to snap some more pics tomorrow after the second coat dries.

I might have to abandon the guest bedroom project temporarily to get some more work done outside the house.  I need to start mulching all the fallen leaves. We still haven’t gotten the new mail slot in or house numbers up. After doing a bit of research, I guess we don’t really need to attach house numbers, because the numbers painted on the transom window count as vaild house numbers along as they are illuminated at night–according to the City of St. Paul.  I still want to get something outside that has our house numbers on it though. I was thinking something like this on a stake…

Pinned Image

Or maybe this…

Pinned Image

Possibly this by the stairs…

And I really like the font on this door…

Pinned Image

On a separate note. The cute fireplace we purchased (discussed here) was defective and didn’t work when we received it. Sad face. I guess it was too good to be true.  I am sending it back for a full refund, thankfully, but it was quite the ordeal getting it back into the box (I couldn’t remeber how it fit in there). I have already picked out a replacement. This one from Plow and Hearth:

Energy Saving Portable Electric Stove with Stay-Cool Surface

I decided to move in another (less expensive) direction.  The green version is on sale right now $70 off if anyone is interested. It is cute, but alas, it would not match our decor. They also have it in red. It would be really cute for a cabin or a knotty pine den.

What did you get done around the house this weekend? Anyone else putting off racking leaves?


5 thoughts on “Sealed

  1. Lory Perryman says:

    love the to be new fireplace!

  2. […] to get anything done out there. I would like autumn back, asap, thanks.  Remember we left off here, with […]

  3. […] decided to use the polycyclic that I used on the chimney seen here, to seal the top.  It has a low luster sheen that is very attractive, plus it is waterborne so it […]

  4. […] Dealing with the old chimney was just awful. Pounding off all that old and crumbly skim coat took hours and left me with several blisters.  I cleaned it up nicely and coated the whole deal with polyacrylic–which is supposed to hold up really well and resist chipping, cracking, and peeling.  It was recommended by several people in various diy forums and websites.  Only time will tell if it actually holds up–so far so good.  I really wanted to get it sealed good so it wouldn’t become a crumbly mess later on and get ground into my freshly refinished floors. More on that process here. […]

  5. […] the rest of the guest bedroom including the chimney cover and the floors that I painstakingly refinished myself.   The chair sleeve was a fun little project that really […]

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