I want this guest bedroom to be done right meow!


August 5, 2012 by stpaulhaus

I finally had a chance to get a few things done in the guest bedroom. I love progress.  I ran into a couple road blocks, so I wasn’t able to get as much done as I wanted, but it was a good start anyhow.  Here is what I did yesterday:

  • Installed a hardwood-to-carpet transition
  • Installed the new 2″ faux wood blinds.
  • Installed some of the trim

The carpet end was really starting to bother me.  After 3 trips to various stores I was able to find something that would work here.

The board I found came with some screws to attach the board with predrilled holes.  However, I found that the screws were much too short to work for me.  The transition here is probably more uneven than most given that there is a layer of carpet, carpet pad, and plywood on top of the hardwood.  So I had to go searching for some proper screws…

Yes, I keep my sparse screws in an coffee can. Wanna fight about it?  I ended up with a medium stained oak transition board. Its not the pine that I wanted, but it works pretty well.  It was much longer to fit in a wider door, so I ended up making a cut to each side leaving only 2 predrilled holes for attachment.  I should probably add one on each end, but I’m lazy and I didn’t want to.

The carpet here (and all over the second floor) has become loose and wrinkly all over the place.

The previous homeowners likely installed it themselves. Laying carpet may seem like a relatively simple undertaking, but its actually quite difficult and requires special tools to do the job properly. Our carpet is in OK shape so it probably just needs to be restretched–which, again, requires special tools to get the job done. I think I may have to look into renting the tools to be able to do this myself. I did read an article about this very topic on Family Handyman though.   If its not one thing, its another.

Now on to the windows.

You may recall my ‘tease’ post the other day.  It was the blinds on the guest bedroom windows.  Found these 2″ faux wood blinds at Menards.  They custom cut them to length for me….except that they forgot to cut the valance boards.  Damnit.  I was stuck looking at the “guts” and I didn’t much care for it…

Much better.  I love these blinds so much. I think I might put the same ones in the dining room.

With those two projects completed, I started on the trim.  Just when I started to hit a groove I ran out 😦

A trip to Menards later…

And just when you thought I was perfect:

Meh. Close enough. There is actually something wrong with my saw/blade, so it never makes perfect cuts. It may be that it is 1310838 billion yrs old, or it might need some minor adjustments somehow. Anyway, I can fix this with my favorite tool and the greatest invention of all time: caulk.  I still need to cut the rest of the 1/4 round to go around the room and then get everything nailed down and caulked.  Can’t wait to show you all the final product!  Trim makes such a difference in a room.

Even my kitty son came to lend a hand.

We had a contractor out yesterday morning to give us a bid on removing the old leaking chimney from the roof of the house.  We think the flashing is bad, but I think it might be a good idea just to remove the whole works to below the roof line and shingle over it.  However, that is the more expensive route–if we have a contractor do it.  I have several more coming this week to give estimates.  It is not a difficult process, however, I have NO desire to climb up on a steep ass roof and start swinging a hammer around.  If it is going to cost 1k then I may have no other choice.  I do want this taken care of before I go ahead with my plan to encase the chimney with wood/trim/shelving.

Anyone have experience stretching carpet?  What are your thoughts on the leaking chimney situation–should we hire out or try to do it ourselves?  Reflash or get rid of the whole works?  What do you think of the guest bedroom progress so far?  Don’t be shy, leave a comment!


3 thoughts on “I want this guest bedroom to be done right meow!

  1. Lory Perryman says:

    The trim you added was the perfect fix to connect the floor to the wall.

    • stpaulhaus says:

      Thank you! Yes, I went with a wide trim just around the chimney and that heating vent because there were some damaged/missing boards around those places and I need something to cover it up. The rest of the room will get the quarter round. Can’t wait to get it all in place and get the bed in there.

  2. […] needed storage space and they look nice too. The binds are faux wood in white. More info on those here.  They truly are black out which is nice.  There will be some excellent naps taking place in this […]

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