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July 20, 2012 by stpaulhaus

You may have noticed there has been a delay in posts recently, but it has been busy around here! I thought I could at least give you an update on what has been going on (or not been going on) the past few weeks.

The 2 major  projects that are at the top of the list right now are finishing off the guest bedroom and working on the yard.

To-do list for the guest bedroom:

  • Install 1/4 round
  • Patch baseboard
  • Encase and trim out chimney
  • Install blinds
  • Install hardwood/carpet transition
  • Beautify

The guest bedroom floors have been refinished and are entering the final curing stages right now.

The top layers are already hard so I did move the furniture back in, but it can take weeks for the smell to fully disappear–which is how you tell that the floor has cured through.  I’m working on completing this room by adding some 1/4 round to the baseboards and trimming out the old chimney.  Note the scraggly edge of the carpet where I had to make a cut to get the carpet out.  A piece of special trim needs to be installed there to ease the transition between wood and carpet.  I haven’t been able to find anything that matches at Menards. They have a large variety  in hardwoods and laminates, but they didn’t have anything in pine. Menards has been disappointing me lately with their stock of 1/4 round molding.  I went to two different stores and they were out of the prefinished (white) 1/4 round.  I could get the unfinished stuff, but I dont care for it–requires sanding, priming, and painting –2 coats. Meh.  The time saved is well worth the extra cost. Plus, it has a baked-on, hard shell finish that is smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I was able to pick up the piece of baseboard that I was needing. Perhaps I should make the slightly longer trip to Home Depot or Lowes.

You may recall my original plans for the chimney:

I have decided to just go with the painted plywood instead of going through the hassle of attaching the old pallet wood as shown in my sketch. I drew this up really quickly on a white board while working so you have a better idea.  Sorry for the terrible camera phone quality photo:

I think it is moving into the direction of a more polished look, so I don’t think the rustic pallets would fit in here. I have the plywood to cover the top of the chimney on hand, but we really have no way to cut it.  I don’t have a table saw or a circular saw.  When in need I have been using my dad’s, but he has been busy.  The next time I can get him up here I hope to get that part done.  This involves making a 3-sided sleeve, if you will, to slip over the chimney and cover the exposed top half that has been damaged. This sleeve will be attached to the wall and will be held in place by adding some trim around the bottom and top.

White faux wood blinds have been purchased and will be installed shortly. I decided to go with white to continue to the light and bright feel of the room. The dark  walnut blinds that were previously in the room were salvaged and moved to the master bedroom where they match a little better.  Speaking of which, a post regarding the updates to the master bedroom is forming in my ‘drafts’ box right now.  Just need to take a few more photos of the space.

I have slowly been hoarding lovely linens, furnishings, trinkets, etc to put in this room once the bones are complete.  Tis going to be glorious.

Switching gears.

My outdoor to-do list for the rest of the summer:

  • Install some edging
  • Re-dry stack the limestone rocks around the front yard flower bed
  • Install a small brick path in the front yard
  • Install a new handrail
  • Put up a new mail box and some house numbers
  • Split and transplant flowers/shrubs
  • Install new screen door
  • Stain swing set (at the farm)

I have made zero progress on the yard–too damn hot right now to get anything done.

Does mowing the lawn count?  The front stairs were successfully stained, but still needing to stain the swing set at my folks house for the grandchildren.

I did score some old bricks from my parents, as well as a couple of old wood doors and a screen door from the original house on the farm (over 100 yrs old) that were stashed in the attic. I have some pretty sweet plans for those which I will have to get into later.

Sadly, I don’t know how long it is going to take to get this done. They are shorter lists, but we have some busy weekends coming up with weddings and whatnot and so-forth.  I will continue to post on my progress (if I make any) with pictures along the way. If you have a burning question that needs an answer, or you want to bad-mouth me for covering up half a chimney please feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

Over and out.


One thought on “Goings On at St. Paul Haus

  1. […] We had a contractor out yesterday morning to give us a bid on removing the old leaking chimney from the roof of the house.  We think the flashing is bad, but I think it might be a good idea just to remove the whole works to below the roof line and shingle over it.  However, that is the more expensive route–if we have a contractor do it.  I have several more coming this week to give estimates.  It is not a difficult process, however, I have NO desire to climb up on a steep ass roof and start swinging a hammer around.  If it is going to cost 1k then I may have no other choice.  I do want this taken care of before I go ahead with my plan to encase the chimney with wood/trim/shelving. […]

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