1/2 Bath Reveal


June 17, 2012 by stpaulhaus

This might be the smallest 1/2 bath known to mankind, however, it has always treated me well. The before wasn’t terrible, but having just completed the kitchen remodel it started to look like the ugly stepchild.


and After

I did 80% of the remodel in 2 days while Adrian was at work.  The other 20% i did sparingly over the next couple weeks as I ran into a problem with the circuit breaker and I got lazy.

The light fixture was $20 at menards on clearance. The fixture itself was easy enough to install but I ran into problems when I couldn’t flip the circuit back on. 😦 Apparently it was worn out and needed to be replaced. After a fair bit of panicking, at least 3 calls to my Dad, and a trip to Menards, it was easily fixed by replacing the individual breaker that was broken. It took about 10min to fix, 9 of which were me shaking and rocking back and forth hoping that I wouldn’t be electrocuted. This video was very helpful:

I don’ know the paint color. It was a can of oops paint from Menards for a steal at $5. However, the wallpaper was a splurge at $120, $60 a roll even with it being 50% off. It was originally purchased to go in the dining room, but after discovering that we needed an additional roll to cover everything we decided not to spend another $60 for it. We ended up using it in the backs of the open kitchen cabinets, and the rest sat around not being used.  We had plenty to cover the little bathroom, and I thought it might be nice to tie the bathroom and kitchen together.  The print is pretty bold, but because it is a small space, it is not as overwhelming as using it in a larger space.

The mirror was $20 on sale at Menards. I tried to salvage the old frameless mirror by adding trim to the outside but that somehow went ah-rye, and I ended up dropping and scattered into a buttload of pieces, but I did manage to break the fall of a particularly sharp piece with my highly vascularized wrist. 😦  Battle wounds. The bathroom never had a toilet paper holder before which was always sort of odd and annoying. I found one on sale for $1 at Menards. The original towel bar was an ugly wooden bar with the finish worn off of it. I replaced it with a Kohler one that was found at a thrift store for $2 in original box never used. Score. However, the towel bar was way too long for the space so Adrian cut a piece off the end with the Dremel and now it fits perfectly.

The medicine cabinet was already there from the previous owner. I don’t love it, but it does the job.  I actually moved the knobs from the sink cabinet  onto the medicine cabinet. The orginal knobs were wooden knobs that were oddly small and the finish had worn off them.  I bought a couple of plastic crystal knobs to replace the ones on the sink cabinet and I heart them.

The first thing I did was rip up the old vinyl sheet flooring and replace it with vinyl plank that I found at Menards on clearance.  It was pretty easy to work with, but I ended up cutting my fingers mulitple times with the utility knife trying to cut the edges perfectly around the toilet.  I could have removed the toilet and placed the flooring all the way underneath but it was supposed to be a weekend project, and I didn’t want to get into that. From what I have seen, lifting a toilet for this sort of thing is pretty easy, but I not very easy for one small person to manage.

The baseboards, again from Menards, are MDF in the victorian style. Love.  It was actually left over from the kitchen. I know the large baseboards dont really match the scale of the room, but I couldn’t help myself. They are so pretty and twas already at the house.  It is only a half bath that doesnt get that much use we weren’t afraid to use MDF in this space, but I wouldn’t use it in a really wet area.

The chair rail and crown molding are LP Crystal White. It is a composite material that is super lightweight, and it was pretty easy to work with but it also really soft so I had to be careful with it as to not ding it up.  I had to be extra careful when nailing  and i used a nail set to make sure not to hammer directly on the molding. The nails were set just below the face of the molding then filled all the holes with wood filler. You can use caulk but the wood filler is more forgiving and can be sanded.  The Crystal White actually don’t need to be painted, as it comes prefinished, but it is a offish-white color that didnt match the window trim, so i ended up painting it the same color as the existing trim. All the trim in the house is the same semi-gloss white that the previous owner left behind. We also used this chair rail in the kitchen and dining room.  I turned out really nice, but I think that if I were to do it again I would have used paint-grade wood.

The curtain was made by sewing some fabric that we found at a thrift store into a little valance. I wanted to make sure the room let in some light, while still being private so we decided to put a strip of privacy film rice paper on the lower window instead of a long curtain. It was actually left over from another window. Lastly, the finishing touch was the little water color painting on the wall. My mom and I also found this at a thrift store for a couple bucks. yesssss.

Add a bottle of  J.R. Watkins Natural Liquid Hand Soap in orange citrus and we are good to go.  xoxoxox0

Shoot us a comment and let us know what you think! Are any of you brave/stupid enough to put wallpaper up in your house?  Anybody have plans for a bathroom remodel soon?

13 thoughts on “1/2 Bath Reveal

  1. Apryl says:

    This is awesome! Someday I’ll start one when Matt and I buy our fixer upper. 🙂

  2. […] The kitchen was the first major project we took on when we first moved in 3 years ago.  Much like my feeling about the before version of the bathroom, it was OK, but after refinishing the dining room and living room floors, the pinkish sheet vinyl was no longer doing it for me.  More on the 1/2 bathroom here. […]

  3. Thanks for this list…I used some of them…

  4. KateG says:

    Really stunning. I am speechless at the thought that this took you TWO DAYS. You inspired and energized me to tackle our home. GORGEOUS choices and love the floorboards. Wildly impressed with your design eye—are you spreading this blog around the design scene? DIY mags? You really should!

  5. […] to find something to replace the lining–maybe some leftover wallpaper from the kitchen and bathroom, or maybe i’ll find something new. It is solid wood and has dovetail drawers which is very […]

  6. […] having to make around the electricals. I think I may have addressed my fear of being electrocuted here. I am also not a big fan of heights–which is why I have yet to get up on the roof to address […]

  7. […] the extra stuff that I needed for $6. I had Adrian help me install them because, if you remember, electricity scares me. I have done sconces by myself before but not while also balancing 15 feet in the air on a ladder […]

  8. […] had a little wallpaper left from the kitchen cabinets and the half bathroom.  I wanted to continue the flow between kitchen and the dining room.  From the beginning I […]

  9. […] have any real before photos). The far wall was an oops paint from Menards (we also used it in here), and the other 3 walls are a color that I cannot seem to remember.  It is dark yes–but this […]

  10. […] The story of the half bathroom here. […]

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