The Pass-Through


June 13, 2012 by stpaulhaus

Since I am new to this whole blog adventure I thought it might be best to start with a few of our previous projects to catch you all up to speed on the progress we have made on the house over the past few years.  A little project we tackled January 2012 while I was home from school for winter break.  I always thought the pass-through looked a little odd from the day we moved in, so I had plans for improving it for sometime.  Of course the original character and trim was removed when the house was remodeled before we bought it (sigh), but I thought it was a smaller project that we could handle to bring a little bit of the old charm back to the house.  The pass-through was created by the previous owners in an attempt to create a more open floor plan. While the width of the entry way is nice, I never understood why it went all the way up to the ceiling and why it didn’t have any trim, but it screamed “cheap remodel”.  I found a bunch of photos online, and Adrian bought me a book all about different types and styles of trim (love this book) which was a big help. We started by building a box out of 2x4s, screwing that to the walls and ceiling, covering it with drywall,  mudding, covering the walls with 1/4 in plywood, and finally trimming  it out with paint grade poplar 1x and some crown molding. Everything got a coat of primer and the high gloss white paint that left from the previous owner to match the rest of the trim.


We ran into a couple minor problems along the way, but overall it went pretty smoothly, and we are happy with the results. The biggest problem was allowing the guy at Lowes to measure and cut the plywood from the measurements I gave him without checking to make sure he had measured correctly–live and learn.  At least his cuts were too big so we could fix it ourselves but it was a pain in the ass as we had to manually cut the excess with a utility knife.  I would have rather cut the plywood myself but I don’t have a table saw 😦  It’s on the wish list, along with approximately 234802294 other tools that I really want.  I am often amazed at the amount of work we are able to accomplish with what we have.  I’m pretty sure that I have done 80% of the work on the house with a 30 yr old miter saw that was have been borrowing for the past 3 yrs.  We get through most of our house projects by borrowing tools and calling in favors.  Thank gawd we have family that it willing to help and put up with my ongoing shenanigans.

I am in the process of trying to get a house tour of photos up right now in the “Haus Tour” section but I am a little out of my element on this so it is slow going. I am planning to get these up soon.  I do have the before photos from some of the rooms up now…they were ones that were on MLS when the house was for sale so disregard the strange furniture and poor picture quality. We are terrible at taking before pictures, mostly because we always dive into projects and somehow always forget to take before photos until it is half done…o well…hoping to turn a new leaf with that now that we have started the blog. I did manage to take some before photos of the current project we are working on, but I will get into that another day. I will tell you that it involves a 2 day project that turned into a 3 wk projects because I didn’t realize half the materials were special order items (slaps hand to forehead). O well, live and learn…I think I might have already said that in this post???


5 thoughts on “The Pass-Through

  1. […] I have already rolled the walls below the chair rail with the same Behr Ultra White  used in the kitchen, and above the chair rail is ‘Mississippi Mud’  also by Behr.  The chair rail is the same stuff use in the kitchen.  And of course, we put in that lovely pass-through. […]

  2. […] high quality brush. I used the same paint for the trim in this room and the pass-though downstairs which you can read about here. I usually keep the wet brush in a sealed plastic bag if I know I am going to have to put a second […]

  3. […] Now that the guest bedroom is complete, I have moved on to another project that I have been thinking about for some time now.  This project was one that I started developing about 2.5 years ago. It has been completed in stages, starting first with the hardwood floors, next the two-tone paint job and high chair rail, then the pass-through. […]

  4. […] I have been meaning to do this for some time now but it really was never important enough to actually get it done. It looks so much better. I choose a very simple profile (1×4 poplar with square butted joints, a small sill that extends just beyond the side cases, and an apron below), in fact it is the same that I used on the dining room built-in and on the pass-through. […]

  5. […] it is the same design that I have been using throughout the house on all finish trim projects like the pass-through, the dining room built-in, and the living room window thingy. Instead of attaching each piece […]

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